A picture frame bought twenty plus years ago at a garage sale has started a social media mystery that needs to be solved.

Until yesterday, I had no idea I needed to help solve this mystery but I was compelled after the interesting story I read.

It comes from Heid Ross Cleaveland on Facebook she said:

Anyone know who this couple is? I grabbed this at a garage sale 20+ years ago in Byron IL. I really liked the alligator skin (faux) frame. Eventually, the frame bit the dust and I still have this unknown couples lovely wedding photo and would love to give this back to the family. Feel free to share this post with those in the Byron area.

The post has been shared nearly 500 times on Facebook and there have been zero leads.

Quick, someone give Lori Loughlin a call.

Seriously though, do you know this couple in the photograph? Let us know!

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