Behold some Wonderful news for one of this year's biggest blockbusters: Wonder Woman, fresh off its record-setting opening weekend, has officially become 2017's most tweeted movie, with more than 2.19 million posts so far. The film has passed La La Land (second place) and Beauty and the Beast (third place) for the crown — uh, warrior tiara.

During an age when superhero movies are as common as watered-down soda in your local movie theater, Wonder Woman has managed to separate itself from the pack and evolve into a full-blown cultural phenomenon. And so what if director Patty Jenkins hasn't signed on to helm the inevitable sequel or if some people are upset at the film's all-female screenings? The film is on fire, with many applauding the long-overdue moment when the iconic Amazonian superhero, who's been around since 1941, finally has her own film!

We can't share all two million-plus tweets here, but here's a sample of what people are saying:

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