The moment you pull into the parking lot for this event, you'll hear sounds from your children confirming that you are the Best Parent Ever.

The Rumors are True

Since January, we've been hearing some chatter about an enormous bounce house was coming. All we knew at the beginning of the year was that it would need to be a pretty big and open field if all the facts about this event were true.

World's Largest Bounce House Details

We now have every detail you need to plan one more very fun weekend, this summer.

The rumors are 100% true, the World's Largest Bounce House is coming to Illinois, but there's more we didn't know.

It's way more than a bounce 'house' coming, it's

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The World's Biggest Touring Inflatable Theme Park

Get ready for a 900-foot-long obstacle course,

a space-themed section with a maze, and a giant 25-foot alien.

The Largest Bounce House on Earth

The Guinness-certified house is 32-feet-tall and sprawls out over 16,000-square-feet. What's also very cool is there's a live DJ in the center.

Big Bounce America Comes to Busse Forest Park in Rolling Meadows, Illinois

Get your tickets now for all the record-breaking fun July 22-24. Tickets start at $19 and they even organize the sessions by age.

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