Have you ever been on one of those never-ending road trips when you wish you had a reason to get out of the car?

I remember that, as a kid, it seemed like I was in the car endlessly for hours; if only I had something extraordinary to look at and give me a break.

It turns out there's a destination just off a main highway in Illinois on your way to Indianapolis that would be huge for a stop.


Michelle H. on TripAdvisor says, "If you like kitsch, this little town has it." and "It was a good stop to break up the long drive."

The "little town" Michelle is talking about has some of the biggest things you've ever seen, including The World's Largest Mailbox.


Stacker's 25 Hidden Gems Across the US Everybody Should Visit At Least Once recommends visiting Casey, Illinois, to see this mailbox.

It's a functional mailbox, and you can climb to the top, insert a postcard or letter into the slot, and watch the arm rise.


Besides the massive mailbox, Casey is also home to the largest chair in America, part of their Big Things in a Small Town workshop.

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Other "big" things that can be found in Casey are:

  • Big Horseshoe
  • Big Taco
  • Big Piggy Bank
  • Big Cactus
  • Big Anvil
  • Big Pizza Slicer

That's barely scratching the surface regarding oversized items in Casey. They also hold world records for:

  • World's Largest Wind Chime
  • World's Largest Rocking Chair
  • World's Largest Golf Driver
  • World's Largest Truck Key

Of course, there are so many world records I couldn't list them all.

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You can find the world's largest and biggest things list for Casey HERE.

Casey is about 3 hours 45 minutes southeast of Rockford.

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