Starbucks has come a long way since a little coffee shop in Seattle at Pike Place Market. It's hard now to mention coffee without someone mentioning Starbucks. It's so popular there are locations kitty corner to each other in some cities.

Well next week Starbucks will be brewing up something huge in Chicago. They will be opening the world's largest Starbucks Reserve Roastery in the old Crate & Barrel Building on Michigan Avenue and Erie Street. It's 35,000 square feet and 5 stories of coffee and other goodies.

There will be a few exclusive drinks only available at the location as well. It will also serve pizzas, pastries, and breads from Starbuck's Italian Cafe, Princi, which debuted in the West Loop last year.

According to NBC Chicago, it doesn't appear like they will open before 7 a.m. so if you're an early riser you may be out of luck.

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