Where do you think is the worst county to live in Illinois? Northern Illinois? Is it southern Illinois, what about central Illinois? See the study results.

Worst Places to Live in Illinois

Two Rockford Area Cities Ranked in 'Worst Small Cities' Report

Where are the worst places to live in the state of Illinois? Every single town in the state has the potential to be 'the absolute worst' place to live if you are prone to believing someone else's opinion. It's hard to escape others' opinions. When you hear the same 'opinion' it can start to sound like facts. Speaking of facts.

A new list was compiled to find the worst counties to live in every state in America and they used facts, they used numbers that matter most to determine the worst counties.

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Finding a Good Place to Live in Illinois

Like anywhere else, I think some of the most important things to consider when choosing a place to live are, crime rates, school quality, job opportunities, and unemployment rates. Those are a few of the numbers that 247 Wall St looked at in compiling the Worst County To Live In Every State list.

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The Worst County To Live in Illinois

The southern Illinois county of Alexander ranks as the worst of Illinois' 102 counties to live in. An estimated 24.5% of local residents live below the poverty line, which is more than double the 11.8% state poverty rate. Alexander County's seat is Cairo.

Poverty can have a negative impact on health outcomes, including life expectancy, as poorer Americans often struggle to afford health care and healthy lifestyle choices. Partially as a result, at just 74.4 years, life expectancy at birth in the county is half a decade below the state average.

If you want to dig into the methodology used to assemble the list, you see that here.

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25 Worst Places to Live in the State of Illinois

Using real stats from the FBI and the Census' American Community Survey these are the worst places to live in Illinois

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