When it comes to the worst type of driver in America, everyone seems to have their own idea, including myself.  In Illinois, I personally think it's this type of person.

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I was at Alpine Road and Guilford Road in Rockford and a minivan was in the middle of the street with its airbags deployed.  No other cars around, so I assume it was a hit-and-run.

This is why I don't like driving - it's sometimes just not in your control when someone else is driving recklessly around town.


I think the worst type of driver in Illinois is the IMPATIENT DRIVER.

Hear me out, I know we've all been driving in a 30mph zone and the person behind us is tailgating so hard.  Our intrusive thoughts kick in and we want to brake-check them.. but don't want to deal with road rage, a potential car accident, or even worse: a ticket.

Impatient drivers are all over Illinois, especially Rockford.

My biggest pet peeves with impatient drivers in Illinois:

They honk right when the light turns green.

They get on your *ss, change lanes aggressively, and flip you off.

They weave in and out of traffic like they're the only one on the road.

They run red lights and put other lives at risk.


Other than the impatient driver, other worst types of drivers I can't stand are:

Lousy Parker - fix your park job!!!

Always Angry Driver - the smallest inconvenience sets them off.

"Signals Don't Exist" Driver - just use your turn signals, it's not that hard.

Texting & Driving "Multitasker" - people still do this... why?!

The Speed Demon - cool, now slow down, bro.


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I guess I just needed to vent about how much I can't stand impatient drivers, they're literally the worst and there are far too many in Illinois.

If you're an impatient driver, just know I'll drive even slower if you honk, tailgate, or I can see you throwing a tantrum in your car.  Two can play at this game, bud!

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