So you think you have to wait until Friday to see the new Barbie movie... think again. You can see 'Barbie' at 3 p.m. this Thursday at an Illinois movie theater. 

It seems like we've been waiting for the Barbie movie to hit theaters for years, but it's finally here.

'Barbie' comes out this Friday, July 21, but you don't actually have to wait until Friday to see this pink masterpiece.

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I know, you're thinking... sure Michelle, if I want to see the movie at midnight on Thursday I could, but who wants to stay up that late on a Thursday?

No one.

Which is why this movie is really coming out on Thursday afternoon.

When Does the Barbie Movie Come Out?

This is a little bananas to me. If the movie really comes out on Thursday afternoon, why are we being told it comes out on Friday?

I discovered the 3 p.m. showing at Star Cinema Grill in South Barrington, Illinois when I was checking to see if there was a midnight movie.

I happen to be going to my parents Thursday night to catch a plane for a family reunion Friday morning and was contemplating going to see the movie before I go, when I saw the available movie times... 3 p.m.? 4:20? 5:20? 6? 7:30?

Star Cinema Grill
Star Cinema Grill

Since when do movies come out the afternoon before?

Save 30% on 'Barbie' Movie Tickets

Further searches allow me to confidently say, the Barbie movie comes out at 3pm in Illinois theaters, plus you can actually get your ticket for 30% off if you to the AMC in Machesney Park at the 3 p.m. show!

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My mom said we can't go Thursday... so if you want to come with me instead, let me know!

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