All this summer we've been rocking Barbiecore colors and now you can get more Barbie looks from your favorite local t-shirt shop, Rockford Art Deli. 

Every city is known for something. Chicago is known for pizza, baseball teams... wind? But Rockford, Illinois is known for something way cooler, t-shirts.

Sure there are other fun things here in Rockford, but whenever you arrived to town, it probably didn't take too long before you realized we are a t-shirt city.

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I'm not saying everyone is just out walking around in a t-shirt, what I'm saying is that everyone you see in a t-shirt is wearing a Rockford-ized shirt. And a majority of those shirts are from Rockford Art Deli.

Some would say the Rockford Art Deli, or RAD for short, helped build the downtown area up and is still the hub of happiness down there.

They're also a major reason we celebrate 815 Day on August 15! You know you've seen all those 815 shirts out there, you probably have one or three, too.

Now you can get a Rockford Barbie shirt!




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Kudos to whoever made this video, excellent work!

The Barbie shirt is available now at Rockford Art Deli in full t-shirt and cropped top... but maybe someone reading this can help me petition for a hot pink Rockford/Barbie tank top?

Pretty please!

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Rockford Art Deli is on State Street just a few blocks away from the river at 402 E. State.


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