If ghosts, or spirits, or paranormal activity gives you anxiety or nightmares you should just stop reading because it's about to get real eerie real quick.

I am oddly fascinated by paranormal activity. I have no idea why considering my number one fear is death. It's the unknown that scares the heck out of me. So, why do I watch and read about the paranormal activity? I do not know. I do know this vacant house is what nightmares are made of.

Credit: LordExplores, YouTube

I could not find a precise location for this home but, based on all the Googling I do, I'm lead to believe it is located in Lemont, Illinois, in Du Page County. (90 minutes from Rockford.) And, it is claimed to be the most haunted house in the entire state of Illinois.


This is where the confusion lies. I could not find a definitive backstory about this location. The uncertainty of what happened in this home or on the property only amplifies the adrenaline-filled anxiety I got while watching someone take a "tour" of the area.

Credit: LordExplores, YouTube

The above photo is either in the garage or another room of the house. As if the smile wasn't creepy enough, you can see a bullet hole toward the left side of the smile.

Credit: LordExplores, YouTube

In the video (shared below) this wall mural becomes increasingly creepier the closer the person with the camera gets to the wall. It's almost as if someone tried to scratch out the vessel's captain.

Credit: LordExplores, YouTube

The remains of this dead deer in the basement are enough for me to be done with this house.


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