Did you overbuy Halloween candy this year? Forget about returning it to the store, exchange it for a margarita.

Chances are you're going to have extra Halloween candy this year. Unless you give each brave trick or treating soul a half a bag of Kit Kats, you might have some to spare after tonight.

You can eat it.

You can return it to the store.

Or you can bring it to Lucha Cantina and exchange it for a margarita.

At first I definitely thought 'Trick or Trade' at Lucha was about stealing your kids candy and swapping it for a marg but then I realized this is about the extra bags. Whoops.

According to their Facebook event, here's what you do:

At the Cantina from 5pm to 10pm, we will be hosting Trick or Trade! Bring in a new, unopened bag of Halloween candy and TRADE for a 16oz. Lucharita (one per customer)! Bring in as many bags as you would like. We will be sending the candy to those serving our country overseas.

That is a pretty sweet deal!

In fact... even if you don't have any leftover Halloween candy, you might want to grab a discounted bag tomorrow and trade that in for your marg.

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