There are only a few things that will fix any problem, one of those things is a margarita.

My personal problem fixers are chocolate chip cookies that are underbaked, my nieces and nephews, and margaritas.

I can make those cookies myself and make plans with my little ones, but the perfect margarita isn't so easy to find.

However, I have a feeling that somewhere on the Margarita Crawl in Madison this fall, the perfect marg will be waiting for us.

The crawl is Saturday, September 21 at 2 p.m. in Madison and the more people you bring the more money you save.

The crawl includes at least five bar stops, discounted drinks at the stop plus unnamed swag. You know what unnamed swag means... either something amazing or something tacky yet also amazing.

If September is too far away for you... or if Madison is too far away from you, there's also a Taco & Margarita Crawl June 29 in Chicago.

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