Tis the season of giving! The holiday season is an amazing time of the year, however, for a lot of families, affording Christmas is a struggle. A lot of stores offer layaway programs so that families can have presents for the holidays but don't have to have the pressure of paying right away.

Recently Kid Rock and actor Tyler Perry have made the news for paying off Walmart layaways in different parts of the country. The acts of kindness have clearly inspired others to help out because stories are coming out daily of this happening.

Hundreds of Illinois residents got an early Christmas gift this year after one man paid for thousands of dollars in layaways. That man's name? You'll probably recognize it. Jimmy John Liautaud, wrote checks for about $80,000 to the Walmart stores in Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy. The money covered every single layaway item they had.

Jimmy John... wait... is that...? YES! Jimmy John's owner himself decided he wanted to give back to the central Illinois community. It was the last day for customers to pick up their layaways or their orders would be cancelled. Liautaud paid off 330 customers layaways, totaling about $80,000.

Even though Monday was the layaway deadline, the Walmart stores will hold all the customers' items who had their layaways paid off by this donation until they can pick them up. Happy holidays and tis the season of giving!

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