Doesn't traveling and reviewing nice hotels sound like a dream job? YES. How about for dogs?

Well, now that's a thing. wants your pooch to be their next hotel critic. They're on the hunt for their very own "Canine Critic".

Insider details - has a special "Best For Pets" category for pet-loving travelers out there. This dog critic would be providing some valuable information for pet parents who want the most for their furry friend.

So how do you get your favorite fur baby in the running? According to Insider -

In order to enter the sweepstakes, participants must upload a picture of their glamorous, travel-loving dog using their personal Instagram account, and tag @hotelsdotcom within the caption or picture, using the hashtag #CanineCritic in the caption, according to the website. Participants must also follow @hotelsdotcom in order to be chosen.

So what are you waiting for? Your dog is free all day anyway, so they could probably use a job.

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