You know what I've always loved about my mom? She's so easy to shop for.

For at least 20 years the only thing that woman wanted, for Christmas, her birthday, even wedding anniversaries, was a Precious Moments figurine. The only difficult thing was trying to remember which one she DIDN'T have.

Sure they were expensive and they took up every shelf in our house, but it sounds like she might get a nice return on that investment.

According to Good Housekeeping, some of their discontinued pieces are worth 50 times more their original price tag.

The most coveted porcelain statue, which could earn you up to $2,000 is "God Loveth a Cheerful Giver."

Precious Moments Figurines

If $2,000 seems a bit steep, how about $250? That's a pretty good jump from it's original price tag of $15. (Which sure seemed like a lot money to pay for a statue back in 1979.)

It's not really known if any other vintage pieces are pulling in the kind of coin, but it's worth blowing the dust off the statues you do have to find out.

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