For many teenagers in Illinois, getting a job during the summer is a big deal. It's not just about earning some extra cash; it's also a step towards independence and responsibility!

I remember getting my very first job in Rockford, it was at Magic Waters Waterpark.  I did concessions selling everything from mini donuts, to pretzels, to nachos, and Dip-N-Dots!  It was a fun first job, especially for being a teenager.

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Working at Coldstone was my favorite part-time job, by far.  People love ice cream, you get great tips, and it's fun to toss ice cream around.


Here are tons of other first-time great summer jobs that might fit your vibe!

Top 10 Best Summer Jobs For Illinois Teens

  1. Summer Camp Counselor
  2. Retail Associate
  3. Babysitter
  4. Ice Cream Scooper
  5. Pet Sitter/Walker
  6. Barista
  7. Restaurant Host
  8. Early Morning Stocker
  9. Party Event Staff
  10. Trampoline Park Instructor

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I always wanted to be a bowling alley Party Event Hostess because it sounded easy and fun!  These jobs offer valuable experience, teach important life skills, and help teens prepare for their future careers. Plus, they can make summer even more fun and rewarding!

When you get that first paycheck, it's such a good feeling! Make sure to save a ton of it and don't spend it all on fast food... don't be like me when I was a teenager.

It's easy to splurge, but saving is really important for your future!

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