Last night, as I was driving through Rockton with my boyfriend, he quickly went from 60 to 45 in a matter of seconds; and it wasn't because the speed limit changed, it was because he spotted about 40 deer in a field off of 251.

It scared the hell out of me because he gasped and I thought maybe he was about to hit something in the road. Nope, just deer. I didn't get it. I don't get it. What is with men's fascination with seeing deer?

He says I wouldn't get it because I've never been hunting. Oh, OK.

Even babies in Wisconsin are starting to get it. According to the Journal Sentinel, 10 babies in the Dairyland are now owners of a hunting a license under a new law which eliminated the minimum age limit to carry one.

It's not clear how the licenses are being used; some suggest it could be a keepsake for the baby book or there's even the possibility that they could've been used to register a deer killed by another hunter, but who knows.

Since the law was changed, 52 hunting licenses were purchased in Wisconsin this month for hunters ages 5 and under; that's according to the DNR.

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