Now the kid's drawing will get turned into a toy that will be sold at IKEA.

Not a bad day's work when you think about it.

Nick, a 5th-grade student from Collinsville, about 4 hours from Rockford, drew a dodo bird and was one of 66,000 submissions enrolled in the IKEA Soft Toy Drawing Competition according to KEYT in St. Louis.


IKEA asked why Nick he decided to draw a dodo bird:

I wanted to draw him so I could show him to my parents. I made him goofy looking and I wanted to draw something that was sort of prehistoric. So then I ended up drawing a goofy Dodo Bird with his tongue sticking out because he’s a Dodo and they’re not very smart.


'To know that his drawing is gonna become a created product that's sold globally is just unreal,' said Nick’s mom.

KSDK says Nick's drawing of the dodo bird was the only drawing from a US resident that was picked to be turned into a toy.

Nick's dodo bird toy will go on sale as part of the 2021 SAGOSKATT collection available this Fall at IKEA.

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The closest IKEA location to Rockford is in Schaumburg, at 1800 E McConnor Parkway.

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