What you're about to see may shock you a bit. It really is possible for pictures of a home to take your breath away. The record-breaking listing is magnificent.

Naperville Home is More than 15,000 Square Feet of WOW

It is evident upon viewing the first few photos of this home that some very special individuals were involved in every step of its creation.

Your eyes will never see an angle that isn't stunning. Your imagination will step out in some new directions as you wonder things like...

  • What would I put on this wall?
  • What colors would be great to fill this room?
  • I'll bet more than 100 people could hang out in that kitchen.

There's a very special piece of 'record-breaking' real estate at 222 W. Van Buren Avenue in Naperville, Illinois

So, about that record.

The Highest Priced House Ever Listed For Sale in DuPage County

Lauren Walz/Coldwell Banker Realty
Lauren Walz/Coldwell Banker Realty
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This home was listed for $15,000,000 which works out to a monthly payment of around $63,000. At last check, the home never sold and after many months was pulled off the market. After checking a few other real estate websites, I saw the home's estimated value was reduced to just under $9 million, and another website that had it listed for around $6 million.

Five bedrooms, 7½ bathrooms, a huge gym, massage room, amazing wine cellar, sunroom, screened porch, an in-ground saltwater pool, a fire pit, and an outdoor grilling patio and party area.

After you look at these pictures, learn a little more about those 'special individuals' I mentioned earlier and the story of this Naperville home's visionary, architect and builder.

$15 Million Dollar Naperville House Listing is an Illinois Record

What you're about to see may shock you a little. It really is possible for pictures of a home to take your breath away. The listing is magnificent.

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