There's nothing like indulging in some good old fashioned nostalgia.

Personally, I find myself to be a very nostalgic person. I love looking back at good memories because if we had so much fun back then, why can't we incorporate that same fun energy into our live's today? Remember how much you looked forward to summer break when you were younger?

Instead of being secretly jealous your kid has summer break and you don't, why not take a trip down memory lane, remember the fun you had, then have some of that fun with your kid?

We asked on Facebook "What summer activity did you always do as a kid that you miss now that you're an adult?" When I think of this question, here's how I'd answer -

  1. Summer camp followed by the pool and ice cream
  2. Sleepovers at friends where you'd try your hardest to stay up all night
  3. Putting up a tent in the back yard
  4. Carnivals & fairs

I know you might not have as much time during the summer as you used to when you were younger, but that doesn't mean you can't have an amazing summer filled with memories like you used to have. Think back to your favorite summers, and try and have some of that fun with your family.

Don't have kids? Grab your besties and plan a nostalgic summer weekend that will totally take you back to when you were younger. Need some help planning? We've got some suggestions you made on Facebook that are the epitome of summertime.

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Remember when you had a summer break?

I think it's time to take some PTO!

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