Did you know you have the chance to win $10,000 on 97ZOK?

Here's the details on how you can win:

  • Download the FREE 97ZOK app to your Apple or Android device
  • With the app you can listen live anytime, anywhere
  • When you hear a codeword while listening live, you can enter the word right there on the app as well
  • Set alarms on your phone for 5 minutes before the top of every hour so you're ready to listen and enter
  • Enter the 10 codewords a day for your best chance to win

So now it's time to dream about spending that $10,000. It would be super fun to show some love to some local businesses. We wanted to make a list of some Stateline businesses you could spend some moola at if you win the cash. So we asked you on Facebook and you had some awesome suggestions.

Here's 20 Stateline Businesses to Shop at When You Win $10K on 97ZOK -

  1. Dairyhäus
  2. Culture Shock - Clothing and Records
  3. Rockford Art Deli
  4. Robot Coffee
  5. Benson stone
  6. Gustafson's
  7. Urban Farm Girl
  8. Primetime Audio / Video 
  9. Hammertime sports
  10. My Pet Food Store
  11. Candle Crest
  12. Mexico Classico
  13. Disc Replay
  14. Napoli Pizza
  15. Crimson Ridge
  16. Prairie Street
  17. Megs Daily Grind
  18. Beef-A-Roo
  19. Local Blessings
  20. Erias Board Creations

So whether you want to spend your money on food, electronics, coffee, furniture, or pretty much anything else, don't forget Rockford has A TON of great local options.

You can check out the full list of local suggestions here -

Don't forget you get TEN words a day for your chance to win $10,000 with The Steve Shannon Show's Spring Ca-Ching $10,000 Cash Code! 

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