One of 'America's Coolest Small Towns to Visit'. Galena, Illinois, a town with a rich history, unbelievable beauty and absolutely perfect for fun and adventure.

Recently, a nationwide travel company gave that wonderful distinction to the town of Galena, 'One of America's Coolest Small Towns to Visit.'

Not once have I traveled to Galena and not had a wonderful experience. The season didn't matter and neither did our desires for fun.

Galena, Illinois Really Does Have it All

Great food and wine. Tasty breweries and distilleries. Tons of unique shopping opportunities. Arts and crafts. Skiing, golf, boating and hiking. Sight-seeing in gorgeous parks and bluffs and tours through old mansions.

Breath-taking tours high above the town in a hot air balloon, or horseback riding through the snow.

The holiday season in Galena will make you feel as if you've been transformed into a Hallmark Christmas movie.

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