At this point, we just have to laugh at the awkward moments COVID-19 puts us in.

One thing COVID-19 pretty much cancelled - handshakes.

The way we say "Hello" will never be the same. So a lot of people are looking for alternatives for the classic handshake. However, these alternative suggestions have me laughing way too hard.

The whole concept is "Don't know how to politely deny a handshake? Try these things!" And the suggestions ... I just can't. Here's the video I saw first -

I'm definitely someone who doesn't feel comfortable shaking hands right now, but you better believe I am NOT going to be fist bumping or peace signing somebody I'm meeting for the first time.

I have no problem straight up telling someone I don't feel comfortable. But maybe you want something to say it for you, like a bracelet. Well, that exists.

Credi NSH
Credi NSH

The caption of the bracelet reads -

The NSH Band NOT SHAKING HANDS is the perfect solution to that awkward moment of someone reaching out and you don’t want to shake their hand. Instead, you raise your arm and show your NSH band. You get a smile, ease the moment and they ask “Where can I get one of those?”

Am I wrong for finding all of this ridiculous? We're in a pandemic, I think we should just ALL assume we aren't shaking hands for a while.

So what're the 4 ways?

  1. Fist bump
  2. Peace sign
  3. Back up and wave
  4. Flash your bracelet

If you see me, just assume, it's not happening.

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