While there's never a bad age to learn many of these things, many of these became life mantras for me in my 40's.I've learned more in the last seven years of my life than ever before. The big difference is when I learn things now, I put them to work immediately, because at 47 years of age, there's no more time to waste.

47 Things I've Learned In My 40's
Steve Shannon, TSM

While I didn't write this list, I am sharing the ones that resonated with me the most.

47 Things I've Learned In My 40's

1. It's OK to say no as long as you learn the art of doing so graciously.

2. Don't waste time worrying and moaning about stuff you have no control over. Let it go.

3. Everything you see depends on how you look at it.

4. Stop comparing your insides to everyone else's outsides.

5. Listening to someone... really listening... is one of the most important, respectful and rewarding things you can do.

Here are some of my other favorites from this list:

10. Confidence is beautiful and powerful.

14. If you rely on others for joy, you will never be joyful yourself.

16. You'll never regret going out of your way to brighten someone's day.

19. The food doesn't matter. The table settings don't matter. All that matters is the company.

24. It's not always someone else's fault. Sometimes you have to look in the mirror.

30. Sometimes you've gotta do stuff just because it's the right thing to do. Often it's uncomfortable. Usually it's inconvenient. But it's almost always worth it.

32. Some stuff just isn't meant to be. The sooner you accept it and stop trying to force it to happen, the better off you'll be.

33. The solution to someone else's problem that seems so obvious to you is likely something they've already tried and it hasn't worked.

36. Sometimes you need to suck it up hard in the name of love, peace and harmony

40. Being polite and smiling genuinely can make a big difference.

44. If you push yourself and focus on what's good rather than wallowing selfishly in the negative, things will almost always improve.

And I would like to add one of my own to this list:

It's not WHAT happens to you in this life that keeps you from where you want to be, it's HOW you react to what happens to you that makes all the difference.

Go HERE to see the entire list.

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