So you're strapped for cash this holiday season and you only have 16 shopping days left until Christmas. What do you do?

You could look through your closet for that candle you never used that you got from your Aunt Susie last year, but you can't bear the thought of getting busted for re-gifting.

You could always search Pinterest for some fun and cheap DIY gift ideas, but you already know that that'll be a big, fat fail because you are not crafty at all.

You'd prefer to buy everyone on your list something nice but you just can't afford it. Sad face. What about giving them something you got for free?

These five free things on Rockford's Craigslist could easily be used as Christmas gifts:

Free Toys

Free Toys via Craigslist

Free; small toys make great stocking stuffers for the kids.

Glass Vases


Clean these up real nice, put them in a box and give them to mom; she'll love them.

Free Pool Table 


Your son has been wanting a pool table for your basement for years. This looks like it's in pretty good condition, who cares if it isn't brand new?

Phone Cases


Your daughter goes through more iPhone cases than you go through socks; she'll love adding four more to her inventory.

Free Grill


The hubby will love his new grill. Doesn't say it doesn't work, they just don't need it anymore.