A year of pandemic life has been a challenge, but along the way some things happened that will be useful way beyond this virus, I think.

Let me start by saying that I am not one of those 'pandemic overachievers', that you read about. I didn't lose 100 pounds. I didn't write, record and release two albums like Taylor Swift. I didn't do anything heroic. I wore my mask, washed my hands, kept my distance, ate a lot of takeout from my friends' businesses (probably why I didn't lose any weight) and I spent a lot of time with my favorite people on Earth... my wife and four kids.

During the last year, there were a few lessons learned that I don't believe would've ever entered my world, if not for COVID-19. For example, I really don't like meetings and I dislike Zoom meetings even more. There's more...

Here are a few of the ridiculous lessons I learned during a pandemic year

1. Some of the things I learned were because life in a mask forces you to do things differently. I never realized that I always licked my fingers before opening a produce bag at the grocery store. I'm pretty proud of my new skills at opening a produce bag without having to lick my fingers anymore. I've showed others my cool trick while shopping at Woodman's Market. If you catch me there, come up and say hello and I'll show you.

2. Absolutely nothing beats having all your kids at the table for dinner, but home for lunch everyday because their school isn't open, presents different challenges. Challenge averted when your youngest children love noodles and hotdogs. This is the skill I know I'll be using for many years to come.


3. I don't think I've ever really binge-watched a show until the last year. I've sat and watched a few episodes of shows, but never and entire season of a show in one day/night. From all my TV binging, I learned that no matter what apparently the rest of the world thinks, Schitt's Creek is not funny. My wife and I gave this show several hours of our life and never laughed.

4. No matter how good you think your breath smells, masks quickly remind you it never does. Ever.

Tell me your story. What lessons and skills have you picked up during the pandemic? Long stretches working from home also taught us that you can go several days in the same outfit and nobody cares. Heck, your outfit doesn't even have to include real pants.

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