Sure you know that in the new Monopoly game women make more money when they pass Go!, but what else do you know about the game?

The minute I learned that Hasbro was introducing a Ms. Monopoly I knew I wanted to play it, so I ordered it and it finally arrived.

Yesterday, Steve, MJ and I played it and discovered it's so much more than a game where women make more than men.

Of course that is the biggest component of the game, that a woman crossing Go! gets to collect $240 while a man still gets the OG $200, and that women start with more money than men, but the rest of the game is filled with positive surprises.

  1. Railroads are gone. Instead 'Ride Share' spaces zoom you to the next side of the board to up the amount of times you'll pass Go! in a game.
  2. The Chance and Community Chest cards have changed. Aside from 'Go to Jail,' the cards are all different with a female flair, but there are some cases where men get more money than women on these cards.
  3. Properties are now Inventions. What used to be Baltic Avenue, Boardwalk and Park Place are now Fire Escape, Shape wear and Chocolate Chip Cookies, all inventions we wouldn't have without women.
  4. Those inventions all come with a story. Each card shines light on the woman who invented the product along with the when and where she did the inventing.
  5. Houses and Hotels are now Headquarters. When you own a Monopoly, your option is to build one headquarter in each invention, which is way less messy. Those little red houses were always getting lost.

And for all of you that think this is a silly feminist game, let me first tell you that I lost the game, and I was playing with a dude. So there's no way to say that women will always dominate because of the larger paydays.

I really enjoyed learning about the female inventors and love the updated cards and game pieces. I was obviously the wine glass.

To be completely honest, I wish Hasbro would've made this game without giving a financial upper hand to women. If they had made the same game full of female inventors but without the money controversy, there would probably be fewer haters.

Let me know if you want to borrow it!

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