Earlier this afternoon as I was running errands, I just happened to drive by Portillo's on East State Street; I had every intention of stopping in today so I could try my very first Chicago style hot dog but the drive-thru line was just too long. Instead of waiting, I just decided to skip it. Portillo's isn't going anywhere and there will always be another day for me to try a delicious dog covered in pickles, onion, tomatoes, mustard...and ketchup.

The one thing I did notice, however, is that there were people directing traffic in the drive-thru, probably to ensure that everyone's order was taken and to keep the line moving in an orderly fashion. It's the perfect set up.

So, why would anyone want to go inside the restaurant to get food if they can sit in the comfort of their very own air conditioned car as the employees come by to serve them?

That would have been a better option for the person who left their child in a hot car outside the Chicago Portillo's so they could go inside to get what I assume was their $1 hot dog.

According to NBC Chicago, passersby saw the child, who appeared to be about 5-years-old, sitting in the car around 11:30 this morning. It caused quite a panic for those walking through the parking lot and it didn't take long for one of them flag down a marked squad car for assistance.

Thankfully, the child was found to be in good condition and the owner of the vehicle was taken into custody.

Portillo's declined to comment.

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