It's cold. Well, it's beyond cold. So today you have the biggest excuse not to do anything.

When we hit below freezing, it was tough to walk your dog but now it's downright impossible, and you know your dog doesn't want to be walked either.

So, here you go, the list of 7 things you can't and don't have to do today because it's too cold.

  1. Get dressed in anything other than leggings and a giant sweatshirt.
  2. Be on time anywhere.
  3. Eat healthfully.
  4. Worry about how much it costs to go to Starbucks.
  5. Make your kids go to basketball practice.
  6. Cook dinner.
  7. Skip a glass of wine at dinner.

You need the sweatshirt, the wine, the comfort food and the expensive coffee. You don't need the shuffling to basketball practice, to stress about dinner, or worry about getting anywhere on time.

Be safe and warm. Forget everything else.

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