When you see it....

Mandy Tracy via Facebook
Mandy Tracy via Facebook

Good evening and welcome to Alyvia's Restaurant; I'm Mandy and I'll be your server this evening. Can I start you off with a beverage while you look over the menu? We have juice, wine, water, Pepsi and c--k....I mean coke.


I couldn't wait to book a reservation so I spoke to Alyvia's mom, whose name just happens to be Mandy too; and I asked her what prompted Alyvia to "open" her own restaurant; she says, "She enjoys cooking and baking. So, she made her own little menu for her restaurant, and was also my server and the cook."

When I asked if her baby girl understands why we might find it so funny, she said that her best response was to just let her know how cute it was, that there was a spelling mistake and leave it at that, obviously. Good idea, mom.

Mandy shared it on her Facebook page and it's already gotten several likes, shares and comments.

Now, who's thirsty?

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