They walk around gyms with buttons that say, "Lose weight now, ask me how," you see their supplement pack photos on Instagram, Snapchats at the gym with their shaker cups and endless inspiring before-and-after stories on Facebook- they're the Herbalife associates.

You can find hundreds of them here in Rockford; all who are passionately dedicated to helping you live a healthier lifestyle with their incredible product line, recipes and weight loss and fitness tips. Surely you've been approached by a friend by now to consider purchasing their products or starting an Herbalife business of your own?

If you haven't, then it might be worth asking them some questions; at the very least it would be interesting to know how successful the program has been for them, if at all.

KCBY provided an update to a story that first made news this past summer, that Herbalife was being charged with deceptive practices and would need to pay millions to it's associates; saying that the company has started to reimburse almost half a million people who lost money working for them.

They shared information from KFOX TV who had this to share last summer.

If you run or ran an Herbalife business between 2009 and now, you could be eligible to get some of your money back that you put into the business.

The FTC is currently working to determine who will be eligible for a refund.

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