Have you ever noticed that food made by the people we love tastes better than anything else? Your grandma's chocolate chip cookies, your auntie's enchilada's and you can't forget about your sister's cakes; how does she get them so moist?

It's because they're made with pure love. Even studies have proven that food made with "tender loving care" tastes better than anything else.

Unfortunately, the FDA might not agree. Just ask Nashoba Brook Bakery in Concord, Massachusetts. They have "love" listed as one of their ingredients in their granola but the FDA says, not so fast.

According to WBUR, the bakery was reprimanded and told that "federal regulations require that ingredients must be listed by their common or usual name." Love isn't considered a real ingredient. Pssh.

While the bakery is fully cooperating with the FDA's requests, fans of their baked goods and granola bars are coming to their defense, saying the government is overreaching and it seems kind of silly.

I couldn't agree more. I mean, just think of all the amazing bakeries here in Rockford; you know these bakeries make all of their goodies with nothing but pure love...and in some cases, unicorn tears.

  1. Nothing Bundt Cakes
  2. Great Harvest Bread Company
  3. Halo Cupcake
  4. Yolo's Sweets
  5. By the Dozen Bakery
  6. Katie's Pie Shop and Bakery
  7. Roma Bakery
  8. CakeOlogy 101
  9. Wonderland Sweets

What bakeries did we miss?


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