Last minute Father's Day shopping alert.

This one is for the discerning taste buds of those whisky drinkin' dads, and their kids who don't know how they're going to afford that super expensive bottle of Johnny Walker for Father's Day.

You're in luck because Aldi in Rockford is selling a whisky Yahoo says "just won an award for best whisky in the world."

At the Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters, Aldi brand Highland Black Scotch Whisky and Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky each won gold medals for taste.

Good for your taste buds, even more, palatable for your wallet. The Highland Black retails at $17, while the Islay Single Malt is only $23.

For that price, you can pick up both bottle of whisky for your dad on Father's Day and look like a real champ. Even better, if he's a super cheap dad, you'll score points by telling him how much money you saved.

It's a win-win for Father's Day.

EDIT: Apparently you can only pick up this scotch at Aldi in Europe. Road trip anyone?

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