All the hype surrounding the Chicago man-bat thing has driven people mad, or maybe, just maybe this thing is real.

A reported "winged like creature with glowing eyes was caught looking in a window of two roommates and their friends" in 2011 and in 2017 "a semi-driver saw it when driving down the Chicago Expressway.  The odd thing about this sighting is that the driver has suffered unexplained illness since seeing it."

Both of those sightings happened in Chicago but now the hysteria has reached the Rockford area.

A man named Dalton, shared a story with Singular Fortean Society, about a run in from five years ago with a humanoid creature he and his buddy referred to as a "The Deerbat."

Described as the "only thing we came up with was that it was the size of a deer but flew like a bat." He also says. "it was actually humanoid shape. It just ran out of the corn like a deer. The Deerbat was incredibly black like it was covered in tar."

Dalton also said people "always ask the same question" when he describes his encounter, "what drugs were you on?" To which he replies "I don't do drugs."

You can read more about Dalton's humanoid encounter and while we try to figure out if this guy is telling the truth or not, you can report other "Deerbat" sightings to Lon Stickler at 410.241.5974.

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