Ok, so, what's going on in Wisconsin? For real, what is the deal?

They say if there isn't a picture or video it didn't happen. Well, guess what, there is actual proof that a woman spotted a cow in the backseat of a car. Yes, a car. Not a truck, van, or appropriate cow-transporting vehicle.


Up in Northern Wisconsin, a woman was waiting in line at a McDonalds one afternoon this week when she could not believe her eyes. There it was, a few cars ahead in a 4-door car with the most unexpected passenger in the back. A cow.

Credit: Jessica R. Nelson, Facebook


In an interview with a Wisconsin TV station, the woman who spotted the cows (yes, more than one) made it sound like nobody else nearby was shocked by this.

I seemed to have been the only one freaking out about a cow being in a Buick.

I mean, what the heck is going on in Marshfield, Wisconsin for this to see like it isn't a big deal. Did any other onlookers look at their friend and say, "Ope, there's Bill with some more cows."

Credit: Jessica R. Nelson, Facebook

The woman clarified there were MULTIPLE cows in that Buick, three living breathing cows.

I’m new to the farming thing (married a farmer) and I’m now convinced I need to drive around with a cow in my car.

Here's the video proof.

Wisconsin, you're making it way too easy for Illinois to make jokes about you. Just sayin'.

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