It's 2020, so of course, we're going to watch a flick on a floating movie screen.

Beyond Cinema, an Australian production company, announced they're bringing Floating Boat Cinemas stateside, according to WGN 9 in Chicago.

The plan is for movies on boats in St. Louis, as well as Houston, Pittsburgh, Miami, Orlando, New York, Austin, and other a host of other US cities.

Sadly, no plans for Rockford. Boo on that.

Organizers say the movie crowd will be made up of 12-24 small "social distancing boats" says WPXI.

While the location for the floating movie theater in Chicago has yet to be revealed, it looks like September 9 through the 13 will be the dates you can check out a movie on the water.

In case you're wondering, yes, you need to buy tickets in advance, and you will only be seated with friends and family, so start thinking about who you want to bring for this once-in-a-lifetime event. Hey, the popcorn comes free of charge!

No word on what movies, new or old, will be shown on the floating big screen, but might I suggest avoiding Titanic.

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