What if you had to go to Canada with your entire workplace and 'bubble' it until your latest assignment was done? You probably wouldn't have as much fun as the cast of 'A Million Little Things.'

'A Million Little Things' kicks off a new season tomorrow night on ABC and tuning in might be one of the shows you can watch to escape the reality of a pandemic.

You won't be watching actors six feet apart or wearing masks, but that's because, the cast and crew are living in Canada in their own bubble.

You know, like the NBA.

I got the chance to talk with Allison Miller and James Roday Rodriguez who play Maggie and Gary on the show about that bubble and about if we're ever going to see the two of them back together.

Why was I so surprised they were in the same room? Because last week I got to talk to Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 stars, Chandra Wilson and Jason George and they were at their own houses.

Both shows air on Thursdays on WTVO.

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