Prince William in Washington, Beloit grad and ISIS hostage dead, Nicki Minaj went above and beyond on SNL and more... Today's Five Things (plus bonus 'thing') You Need to Know.

Prince William and the Duchess are coming to Washington today (USA Today)

Luke Somers, Beloit College grad and ISIS hostage shot and killed in Yemen. (My Stateline)

The 'half of marriages end in divorce' thing isn't true anymore. (Jezebel)

See ALL of Nicki Minaj on SNL from this past weekend, she went above and beyond (97ZOK)

Channing Tatum goes blonde for "Hail Caesar." George Clooney brought back his "ER" hair too for the film that opens Feb. 16 (People)

Today's BONUS 'thing'... The Touchdown Twerk

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