Tangled is one of my favorite Disney movies. One scene in this movie was a transformative moment for both me and my daughter. Perhaps it will be for you also.

My favorite part is when Rapunzel and Flynn are on the boat watching all of the lanterns be released from the castle into the sky. I bought several of those lanterns that year for my daughter's birthday after seeing it with her. So when I saw this video about what is coming up in Wisconsin, I knew that I had to take her.

When you click on the link below you will see the playlist for Lights Fest, and there's even one of the songs from the movie, along with some other pretty stellar songs to set the mood. This night will seriously be like the scene straight out of the movie. You have to watch the video to see exactly what I mean.

But I know this is a night that I will not be missing. This night can be anything you want it to be. Think about what you've been struggling with that you need to let go of, this can be a symbolic night of letting those things go. I've written about the kind of forgiveness that we all need more of in our life before. For you romantics, I would highly recommend this event for wooing your significant other. The beauty in the sky will be unmatched and it will create a moment you'll never forget. It's on September 2 in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Click here for all the info.

Here's a little bit more about Lights Fest.

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