There's a theory running around that predicts the world will end on Saturday, September 23. That doesn't leave much time to get some stuff done.

I'm not much for most conspiracy theories and as far as 'end of the world' theories go, this one is pretty out there. This latest one is based on the eclipse and a book written by David Meade. The book is titled, Planet X: the 2017 Arrival, and David writes that Planet X, also called "Nibiru", will crash into Earth and change the world forever. You can read more at, in the meantime, watch this ridiculous video that shows how 'out there' this theory is.

On the outside chance that this theory is accurate and the world is over on Saturday, I have some things in town I need to do. Here's what I need to squeeze in...

World Ending Rockford Bucket List

  • Ride that train that goes around Cherryvale Mall.
  • Eat a 15th and Chris hamburger.
  • Ride along all night with a Rockford police officer to see what it's really like to protect our city.
  • Eat an entire bucket of Mrs. Fisher's chips.
  • Sit in on drums for one song with Cheap Trick (bet you can't guess what song).
  • Have all of State Street cleared to race someone from the Rock River to the I90 overpass in a super fast sports car.
  • See ALL of Anderson Japanese Gardens (and stay in there after it closes and do what comes naturally).
  • Spend an entire day on a boat on the river.
  • Eat an Uncle Nick's gyro combo... during the day.

I'm done writing now, I've got things to do. If we don't get a chance to talk after Saturday, there are two things I know for sure:

  1. I will probably have 2 gyros
  2. I'm glad I gave my life to Jesus

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