Footballs hottest quarterback is about to be back on the market.

Just in time for football season. I don't think anyone saw these two lasting that long. Speculation, at least in my circle of friends, is that it would be over by the time the 2015 football season started. Should this become a reality, my crush for him will continue, even though he's a Packer.

So what's the deal between these two anyway? Probably exactly what you would have expected. Word around the Hollywood water cooler is that Olivia Munn is your stereotypical hot girl with major insecurity issues.  Sources say she flies off the handle for no reason and gets really jealous.

This is really the first time we've heard about them having any problems and they've been together for at least a little over a year now.  I'm not saying that I want them to break up but I wouldn't be sad if they did.

By the looks of Munn's Instagram from just a couple of weeks ago, things seem to be fine. But what's portrayed on social media isn't always a reflection of what's really going on behind closed doors.

Happy Father's Day to the best dad any puppy could ask for #thedogfather #adoptdontshop #rescue

A photo posted by Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) onJun 21, 2015 at 5:54pm PDT


Who's ready for Rodgers to be back on the market?

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