Imagine if your work was showcasing your talents for an audience in another country. You would probably think that at least one member of your family would come along.

That might not be the case when the Green Bay Packers play the Giants in London later this year in October.

Before we get any further, it should be made clear that this is being written by a Bears fan who has been emotionally ruined by Aaron Rodgers over the last 2 decades.

Do I have bottled up angst against Aaron Rodgers? Yes. Is he an amazing quarterback? Absolutely. Is he an odd duck? One of the oddest. Is it kind of funny that he's such an odd duck that his own family wants nothing to do with him? Objectively, yes.

Obviously in a perfect world, everyone would have a perfect relationship with everyone in their family. I think we all know that's impossible. A lot has obviously happened in the Rodgers family and it takes two to tango but no one else in the Rodgers family has claimed to own the football team I root for, so I will take their side.

It also makes tweets like these when the Packers didn't draft any help for Rodgers on the offensive side of the ball in last week's draft:

Rodgers is great, and will probably have at least one more career moment against the Bears before he rides off into the sunset.

I'll miss hating him when he's gone, but it will feel good to have a ray of hope over the next decade when the Bears take on the Green and Gold.

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