Wait a second, Aaron Rodgers is moving?

Keep your pants on, Packers fans, this news doesn't have anything to do with football, just real estate.

Busted Coverage is reporting that Aaron Rodgers is selling a house he owns in Green Bay. The house is 4,000 square feet and is going for the lovely price of 424,900. Chump change, am I right? (Please appreciate that sarcasm).

So let's take a look inside the famous QB's house.

While this house looks crazy huge, does anyone else think it looks a little log cabin? If I miraculously won the lottery and needed to buy a place in Green Bay, I would consider it, but only because of that awesome bathroom. I would probably rip out the wood of the rest of the house and update. It looks a little 80s for me.

Would you buy Aaron's house if you had the money?

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