It feels like there's about to be a seismic shift of power in the NFC North.

There were two significant coaching hires in the NFC North that went down on Thursday. Both involving rivals Green Bay and Chicago.

Green Bay lost their offensive coordinator for the last 3 years Nathaniel Hackett who was named the head coach of the Denver Broncos.

Does this mean that Aaron Rodgers might follow his offensive coordinator to the Mile High City? If someone tells you that he will, they are probably lying, but a lot of NFL insiders have suggested as much.

It all makes too much sense. The history is there. Most Hall of Fame quarterbacks finish out their careers with other teams. Joe Montana finished up in Kansas City. Brett Farve ended his career with the Jets and Vikings. Tom Brady left New England to win another Super Bowl with Tampa Bay. The precedent is definitely there, but will it happen?

Considering the fact that Aaron Rodgers is starting to lose the loyalty of the most die hard Packer fans, combined with the strange offseason of "will he or won't he" stay in Green Bay makes this scenario seem more likely.

Rodgers however, has seemingly turned into a contrarian with all of his moves, so him staying in Green Bay is definitely on the table as well.

The Bears also made a coaching move today bringing in the Indianapolis Colts' defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus. The only thing people seem to agree upon Eberflus is that it's going to be incredible hearing Bears fans pronounce his name over the next couple years.

This is pretty much the only tape we have on the new Bears coach.

Is he going to be good? No one knows but plenty will try to make you think they do. Don't listen, wait until next year to see if the Eberflus plan will work.

It's either going to be a changing of the guard in the NFC North, or the Bears will continue to be an embarrassment and the Packers will once again lose a playoff game they were supposed to win.

Either way, we'll all be glued to our sets every Sunday because America has a football habit that it just refuses to quit.

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