All of you recent college grads are probably dreaming of a summer in the sun by the pool, but most likely you'll be stressing out about finding a job. That whole process includes the dreaded interview and what in the world you're supposed to say as the interviewee. Thankfully Business Insider has got your back with a list of 11 questions to ask at the end of an interview. It would be pretty smart to print out this list and memorize it, maybe share it with the recent grad in you life or anyone out there looking for a job.

One of my best friends just left her job and is on the hunt. You better believe this link is in waiting for her in her inbox.

The entire list is here, but a few of my favorites are:

  • Who held this position previously? Why is he/she leaving the role?
  • How do you evaluate success here?

And what I think is MOST important for your stress level:

What's your timeline for making a decision, and when can I expect to hear back from you?


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