If you've used LinkedIn in the past few years, the company might owe you some money.

LinkedIn is basically a website filled with resumes, you can create your profile and update it according whenever your job changes, in hopes of building the career of your dreams.

The problem is... LinkedIn is annoying sometimes.

When someone requests you "connect" on LinkedIn, you get an email alert. So that's fine, until you forget to answer the connection and then you get another email... and another email... and then probably don't want to "connect" with that person because you've been bothered so many times with those emails.

LinkedIn has finally realized this is annoying, and also that people didn't ask for reminders to be sent to their requested contacts, thus, LinkedIn is ready to shell out some money...to the tune of $13 million.

If you have a LinkedIn account, it's worth your time to fill out this form and see if you can get some cash. I did!

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