The font Gods have spoken.

We gotta pitch Times New Roman, at least for resume purposes.

According to a typography experts, using Times New Roman on your resume is like wearing sweatpants to your interview. Which might make a statement, but not really what you want to bring to the table initially.

So what fonts should we use again?

THE ANSWER IS NOT COMIC SANS. That is my personal statement. Please don't ever send me a note, letter, resume to edit, email, anything if it is in Comic Sans.

According to, we should be using Helvetica on our resumes.

I'm a huge nerd, I went to journalism school, I have a calendar sitting next to me that has a special font each month, and I went to yearbook camp for three years in high school, where we flipped through books of fonts for hours. So this is pretty interesting to me.

Are you re-doing your resume after hearing this?

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