Aldi is introducing a giant bottle of Prosecco this Christmas, but there's one major problem.

That problem is our location.

As with most amazing food and drink items, this one is stuck overseas in the United Kingdom.

House Beautiful shared the Prosecco news, ' Aldi will be launching the show-stopping Methuselah of Giotti Spumante Prosecco online only in the U.K. on November 14.'


The bottle is basically 64 glasses of Prosecco, and I feel like we need to all write letters to Aldi asking please, oh please, can we get this in Rockford?

The price tag isn't even too awful, about $105 for 64 glasses is less than two bucks a glass, which is a-ok in my book.

This giant bottle might be my only Christmas wish this year, let's go Aldi, make it happen!

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