Whether you're in the best relationship of your life or you'll be spending Valentine's Day with a frozen dinner and your cat, Aldi is adding the perfect touch.

Wine and chocolate are the two most quintessential Valentine's Day ingredients.

This year, Aldi has decided to combine the two and bring you exactly what you need for Feb 14.

A bunch of wineries actually sell chocolate wine, but you know Aldi's is a financial steal which means you can afford to buy one of your Valentine and three for yourself. Or me.


The wine Aldi is selling is made by 'The Chocolate Cellar' and is described as, 'Dark fruit flavors and decadent dark chocolate unfold' and pairs with, 'pastries, biscotti, fruits and desserts.'

I can only assume it's delicious.

By the way, after you drink your chocolate wine on Valentine's Day... make sure you join us for Galentine's Day! Friday, February 15 at Prairie Street Brewing Company.

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