America's Dairyland may not be the most accurate way to refer to Wisconsin. 12 of the 20 drunkest cities in America are in Wisconsin.

Almost all of America's Drunkest Cities are in Wisconsin
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First let's cover how the researchers discovered that besides eating more brats and cheese, my home state also boozes more than anyone.

According to Milwaukee Magazine, the report used 4 different metrics:

  • % of adults drinking to excess
  • % of driving deaths involving alcohol
  • Premature death rate
  • Median household income

If you'd like to see how the above data was collected, dive into it here.

Now the list to not be so proud of.

These are the 20 Drunkest Cities in America

1. Appleton
2. Oshkosh-Neenah
3. Green Bay
4. Madison
5. Fargo, North Dakota
6. La Crosse – Onalaska
7. Fond du Lac
8. Ames, Iowa
9. Eau Claire
10. Mankato-North Mankato, Minnesota
11. Wausau
12. Sheboygan
13. Missoula, Montana
14. Grand Forks, North Dakota
15. Racine
16. Janesville-Beloit
17. Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis
18. Lincoln, Nebraska
19. Iowa City, Iowa
20. Corvallis, Oregon

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